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BRAVEPORT has more than a decade of experience as a life settlement broker for advisors focused on the senior life insurance market.   

Working Together To Achieve Your Client’s Goals

As a life settlement broker for advisors, BRAVEPORT can work directly with your client or as a seamless extension of your team.  Our approach is the same and we offer unmatched personalized service with open communication.

Our goal is to keep things streamlined and worry-free for you and your clients.  We can advise you of the policy’s value, maximize it’s value in the market, locate licensed buyers, help evaluate offers and handle virtually all of the paperwork.  We even have an in-house legal and compliance department to ensure the transaction runs smoothly.

A Fiduciary Responsibility To Your Clients

As an agent, advisor, attorney, trustee or CPA, you may have a fiduciary duty to advise your clients of their options regarding their life insurance assets.  As a life settlement broker for advisors, we also have a duty to maximize the value of the policy and secure the best possible offer.

If a life settlement makes sense for your clients, choosing BRAVEPORT is the ideal way to complete the transaction in the most efficient way.  Settlements are all we do, and we’re helping to guide the industry with market-leading best practices.

More Information

To learn more about our services as a life settlement broker for advisors, agents, attorneys, trustees and CPAs, please visit our advisor’s site by clicking the link below.

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“After working with several other viatical and life settlement brokers in this industry, I appreciate and respect their efficiency and professionalism.”

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  • Access to more than 30 licensed Life Settlement Providers
  • Expert knowledge and industry-leading reputation for ethics and best practices
  • Our relationships and bidding methods allow us to obtain the highest offers
  • Advanced privacy protection methods to protect client information
  • Quick and stress-free process with responsive personal service
  • No up-front fees, obligation or out of pocket costs


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Clients meeting with life settlement broker for advisors
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